“You can start effecting small changes along the way and then leadership will notice. If you are in a place where it's just about the bottom line, well, you can start changing the culture and the culture will help shift the bottom line, too.”
— Will Dennis, St. Joe’s Prep

Building Buy-In for the Value of Risk with Will Dennis

Session 159

Will Dennis wants people in leadership positions to come from a place of “yes.” With a background in theater and improvisation, Will, manager of the Prep Fund at St. Joseph’s Preparatory School, knows the notion of “yes” and taking a risk on an idea is paramount — and often pays off. He believes in the value of conversation in determining what drives people’s participation with an organization and creating a real relationship. For those who want their organization to start taking more risks, he gives listeners who want start making a difference a two-part challenge and shares advice on how change starts from anywhere.

He and Beth discuss:

  • How companies can use the techniques of improv
  • Why failure doesn’t always mean what you think it means
  • How to create genuine relationships in a time when communication is done over email
  • How can you start to learn to think about risks?
  • Ways you can help create an environment where risk is supported and encouraged
  • Why calling someone by name can make a difference in a conversation

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