“We just look for ways to share broadly and when you start talking about how are you going to share beyond Philadelphia, you have to do it digitally.”
— Shelley Wilks Geehr, Chemical Heritage Foundation

Working Wikipedia as a Content Outlet and SEO Strategy with Shelley Wilks Geehr

Session 158

This week, Beth is back with the team from Chemical Heritage Foundation. This time, she talks with Shelley Wilks Geehr, director of the Roy Eddleman Institute, about the roles of social media and digital content for the museum. Shelley explores the various media assets of the organization, from its quarterly print (yes, print!) magazine to a podcast to weekly Twitter takeovers. She also explains the role of Wikipedia in their organization and how it has helped attract attention to the museum.

They talk about:

  • What is the role of a Wikipedian?
  • How to make Wikipedia an invaluable resource
  • What research strategies should you be using to better segment your messaging?
  • The benefits of having social media-focused projects like Twitter takeovers and Wiki salons
  • How the museum decides what content they create
  • How CHF’s Wikipedia page has drawn more visitors to their website
  • Why was working with a Wikipedian more worthwhile than investing in an SEO consultant?

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