“We are surrounded by historic content and historic sites and so it makes perfect sense to me that we would seek out partners who are also working on issues of the historic preservation.”
 — Elisabeth Berry Drago, Chemical Heritage Foundation

Creating a Bigger Impact Through Collaboration with Elisabeth Berry Drago

Session 157

When you start a new project — like a new exhibit at a museum — you might look at what other organizations are doing, and that can be a good thing. This session is all about collaboration — both internally and externally — as Elisabeth Berry Drago and Rebecca Ortenberg from the Chemical Heritage Foundation join in to talk about how the museum worked with other organizations as it developed its newest exhibit. They discuss how they worked to personalize the exhibit for museum-goers and how they looked to other organizations for help in creating that experience. They talk about the new Things Falls Apart exhibit and how they strive to create a personal connection with both visitors and the wider community.

They discuss:

  • How to ask other organizations for help or advice
  • Why an emotional connection is just as important as a personalized one
  • How the museum seeks to connect with a wide audience
  • Ways you can learn from other organizations or institutions
  • How to work with other departments within your organization on a project
  • Why it’s OK that one project won’t connect with everyone

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