“There's super huge danger in treating your new members like every other member. If you just send them the same old message that everyone else gets, they're likely to ignore it because they don't understand how it applies to them and when they ignore early on, it really starts that practice of ignoring.”
 — Amanda Kaiser, Smooth the Path

Fueling Exceptional New Member Experiences with Amanda Kaiser

Session 155

Amanda Kaiser, qualitative member researcher with Smooth the Path, has done more than 300 interviews with members of associations to understand their worries, challenges, problems and experiences with the association to determine why they engage or don’t engage. In doing so, she’s learned a few lessons and tips that she shares in this week’s session. She explains why the new member process is upside down. Early experiences with your association — whether it’s the first webinar, the first interaction with a staff person or the first conference they went to — leave a longer lasting impression on new members than you might think.

She and Beth discuss:

  • How this information applies beyond associations
  • The difference between features, benefits and value
  • How to use Amanda’s 3-3-3 model of engagement
  • Practicing imaginative empathy to help shape a new member’s experience
  • Different tests for engagement based on stories Amanda has heard
  • Why the emails you send new members matter
  • Smooth the Path website
  • Fueling Exceptional New Member Experiences: Strategies for Member Onboarding, Engagement, and Retention e-book
  • Revisit episode 37 with Amanda: Rebranding Starts with Understanding your Community

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