“They won’t trust that the information that we're providing is useful to them if they don’t see themselves in it, and that’s the attitude that we’ve always taken about our English language, but we really only thought about it through the lens of the issue that we’re focusing on, which is breast cancer.”
— Janine Guglielmino, Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Communication Starts with Trust with Janine Guglielmino

Session 151

Breast cancer. Cáncer de mama. Cancer du sein. This week on Driving Participation, Beth is joined by Janine Guglielmino from Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) and  Myriam Siftar, President/CEO of MTM LinguaSoft, a language services company that creates compelling and culturally relevant multilingual content to reach audiences across languages and cultures. They talk about a recent project they completed in which LBBC materials about stage 4 breast cancer were translated into five other languages to better serve their audience and those who needed the information most. They created brochures as tools for health care professionals to be able to have some of those types of conversations with their patients. Guglielmino notes that this allows people to see themselves represented, which builds trust.

They discuss:

  • Creating and following communication and branding guidelines
  • How they are getting the message out about this project in different ways
  • Why a neutral message is not feasible
  • The difference between a regular translation project and doing a cultural assessment
  • How visuals and colors translate to other languages in ways you would not expect
  • How they conveyed this project in a way that made funders value it as something to fund

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