“That’s what collaboration is really all about: it's not about just working together and sharing office space. It’s having a relationship with an individual or one organization having a relationship with another organization.”
— Hardy Smith

Creating a Culture of Collaboration with Hardy Smith

Session 149

Create collaboration with consultant and speaker Hardy Smith as he joins in to share the best way to create not just a relationship, but a true collaboration. Real collaboration between people — or even between organizations — comes with many benefits. It helps vent out the issues at the root of a challenge and helps vent out the opportunities for creating solutions, he says. He shares where organizations go wrong with collaboration and the one element that makes a key difference.

He and Beth discuss:

  • The differences between internal and external collaboration
  • What are some of the keys for a successful long-term relationship?
  • The contrast between simply working together and collaborating
  • Why disagreements are sometimes a good thing
  • Creating a culture of leadership buy-in
  • Why the need to collaborate is probably greater now than ever before

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