“Everything is included in there. We include best practices and some additional tips and areas for consideration and it's just all tied up very nicely into one folder for them to use, that they can forward to somebody who is going to do it for them or like I said, they can pick and choose or they can split it up between all of their staff members. However they want to use it.”
— Theresa Miller, Girls on the Run International

Creating Communications Toolkits with Theresa Miller

Session 148

Tune in to hear Theresa Miller, chief engagement officer for Girls on the Run International, join Beth to talk toolkits: how to create them and why they’re helpful. Providing toolkits complete with social media messages, graphics, fundraising appeals and more — plus a calendar to guide when to post — Theresa explains how the organization helps its state councils and supporters reach their audience in a way that works for them. She talks about how the fundraising teams and marketing and communications teams join together to engage different audiences and work as a unit, resulting in a fundraising increase on International Women’s Day by more than 300 percent!

She and Beth discuss:

  • How to create a toolkit that provides the right materials and still leave room for customization
  • How to decide what to put into a toolkit and ways to measure if it’s working
  • The importance of a “read first” document
  • How to create an effective survey
  • How you can use this model no matter what size your organization is


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