“The main thing to remember about content marketing…it’s always audience-centered. It's always what do they need, what are they struggling with. So it's all about identifying what would be helpful to them and then building content around that.”
 — Robert McGuire, McGuire Editorial Content Marketing Agency

Content Driven Attraction and Conversion with Robert McGuire

Session 147

What is the difference between content and content marketing? How do you differentiate between an interim metric and what Beth calls a terminal metric? What about the difference between content and social media? Robert McGuire of McGuire Editorial Content Marketing Agency joins in to answer these questions and more. He takes a deep dive into the world of content, particularly content-driven attraction and conversion. He and Beth explore micro conversions, lead magnets, and growth hacking among other terms and practices you can learn from to make your content strategy work.

He and Beth discuss:

  • How to identify micro conversions
  • How content marketing has changed
  • Common types of lead magnets
  • How successful content planning can make a difference
  • The biggest difference between content and social media
  • What actually is a content strategy?
  • The difference between clickbait and clickbait and switch marketing

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