“Content is really an experience. It's an experience that you direct towards your audience, you encourage your audience to have and that experience could be an article, it could be a video, it could be a podcast, but at the end of the day, it's an experience that you want them to have.”
 — Sarah Gilman, Lupus Foundation of America

Creating Content with a Purpose with Sarah Gilman

Session 146

ow can you create content that effectively drives your message home? Sarah Gilman, director of the National Resource Center on Lupus at the Lupus Foundation of America, joins in to talk all about content. From developing a consistent, recognizable voice to repurposing and repetition, she explores key ideas to keep in mind when it comes to creating content — especially health content. She emphasizes the importance of looking at the kind of content that will help you meet your organization’s strategic objectives. Content strategy isn’t a term necessarily used often when it comes to public health, but Sarah talks about its importance in her field and in the work she does.

She and Beth discuss:

  • Key differences between content strategy and content marketing
  • The importance of creating and implementing a consistent voice and tone
  • The benefits of creating a checklist and content guide
  • How to manage creating a content strategy and balance your workflow
  • How to effectively repurpose your content
  • Ways to keep document and keep track of all of your content

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