“Your audience moves from engagement to participation when you help them take ACTION.”
 — Beth Brodovsky

The Path to Participation: Five Shifts to Inspiring Action with Beth Brodovsky

Session 145

This week, Beth is taking what she’s heard from podcast guests about the meaning of participation and turning it into concrete actions you can take. She outlines five shifts you can make on the path to participation. It’s clear that participation can mean different things to different organizations, she says, but what everyone has in common in the need to inspire people to take the important actions you need for your organization to thrive. From creating a survey to get to know your audience better to making the simple change of swapping “we” for “you,” Beth details ways you can get the right people to get involved.

She explores:

  • How to identify the urgent and important need your organization tackles
  • Why it’s important to put your audience at the center of the action
  • The biggest mistake you can make when talking about your organization’s mission
  • How to save your energy and effort for where it’s likely to pay dividends
  • The best way to get to know your audience
  • How to “date” your audience

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