“It's very passive if ‘Donald’ invites ‘Beth’ to connect, ‘Beth’ says yes and then that connection goes on the proverbial shelf.”
- Donald Hale, University of South Carolina

Personalizing your Networking with LinkedIn with Donald Hale

Session 144

How can you optimize your experience with LinkedIn to really create meaningful and personal connections with people? Donald Hale, interim vice chancellor for advancement at the University of South Carolina Upstate and assistant vice president for development for the University of South Carolina Main Campus, joins in to talk about how to take a virtual connection and make it a personal one. When you send that first message to join a network, you can personalize it beyond the general introduction. Donald gives examples about how to use LinkedIn to network in the most optimal way, such as when organizing local events to get the attention of the alumni who it applies to most.

They discuss:

  • The impact of using visual communications on LinkedIn
  • Active versus passive engagement
  • The danger of getting “seduced by the masses” on social media
  • The two steps Donald takes when forming a connection on LinkedIn
  • How Donald uses LinkedIn to connect with alumni communities around the world
  • How social media has changed the definition of participation

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