"You can do something special and engaging without stepping out of your brand’s character!"

Aligning Design with Your Personality

Session 142

Whether your first introduction to MailChimp was on Serial (remember Mail Kimp?) or you use it regularly for your organization, this week is all about taking a page from their book to learn how you can use bright and fun visual elements in your marketing and communication — without veering off-brand. For everything from annual reports to public health messages, Beth shares tips on how to use visuals to share information and tell a compelling story that is in line with your organization’s personality. You don’t always need a lot of words to share important information, and Beth shares some of her favorite examples of communications she’s seen that rely on pictures rather than paragraphs.

She discusses:

  • Five categories used to describe brand traits and how to identify yours
  • Lessons from MailChimp’s annual report you can use for your own
  • How to use visual elements without being too flashy
  • When it’s beneficial to use graphics and design elements instead of lengthy paragraphs
  • Using visual communication for purposes other than sharing information or communicating instructions
  • And more!

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