“I think in many ways the consistent practice of foresight is crucial so it's not a one off thing. It's not something you do occasionally. It's something you're doing all the time. It has to become sort of a central focus of how the board is devoting its attention.”
 — Jeff DeCagna, Foresight First

Recognizing the Duty of Foresight with Jeff DeCagna

Session 141

Jeff DeCagna, executive advisor of Foresight First, joins in to talk about his work in the association community. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing the duty of foresight and using it to build resilience. Of course, he doesn’t mean predicting the future but rather the ability or the choice to look forward. He explains how embracing the idea of foresight can lead to building resilience and help manage risks. They explore the idea of emphasizing governing over governance and how to encourage the people you’re working with to see governing as an active process. He also explains the difference between being a volunteer and being a voluntary contributor, and how the label can change a person’s motivation.

He and Beth discuss:

    • Jeff’s definition of foresight and what its benefits are
    • Why Jeff prefers to use “governing” over “governance”
    • How foresight plays a fundamental role in stewardship
    • The difference between competent trust and benevolent trust
    • How can an organization begin to focus on foresight?
    • The difference between director experience and user experience

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