“There is a clear and obvious link between Dr. King’s legacy and encouraging people to engage in community service that breaks down barriers and builds a land where people live in peace, dignity and equality.”

MLK Day: The Secrets of a Successful Movement

Session 140

Just a few days ago, thousands across the country observed Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This week on Driving Participation, reflect on the legacy of the civil rights leader and how it can inspire you to effect change in your own community. How did the movement to get involved in community service in his honor begin? Beth takes a look at the holiday’s history and the lessons you can learn from MLK Day for your own work. Revisit past episodes to hear how the work other Driving Participation guests do can inspire you, too!

She takes a look at:

  • How MLK Day got started and how it’s grown to the movement it is today
  • How your own organization can organize its own MLK Day of Service effort
  • Getting involved in pre-existing holidays, such as Giving Tuesday or National Wear Red Day…
  • …Or even creating your own holiday!

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