"When you design for your internal audience instead of your external audience, you get a website that converts well internally.”
— Claudia Pennington, CEO of Side Hustle, LLC

Getting People to See and Stay on Your Website with Claudia Pennington

Session 139

Learn the magic of Google this week with digital marketing consultant Claudia Pennington. She joins in to share the secrets to getting the right people to your website — and then staying there. From keywords to the structure of the site itself, Claudia and Beth explore the mindset of a searcher and what you can do to fill those needs. She names her top priorities when assessing a website as well as the trends she thinks will color marketing communications for the next couple of years. With her background in social media, Claudia takes a look at how platforms like Facebook and Twitter are using live video features and how you can make them most effective.

She and Beth discuss:

  • What does SEO actually mean?
  • How to make a usability test in order to make your website the most effective
  • Where do you go to learn what people are searching for and what’s bringing traffic to your site?
  • The two trends Claudia predicts will make an impact on marketing communications
  • The number one concern when you are thinking about the structure of a website
  • How search engine optimization is like a plumber

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