What Worked in 2016

Session 137

New Year always feels like a fresh start with a clean slate. It’s a great time to look both forward and back. Last year we did a show about looking forward and setting your marketing resolutions for the year ahead.

This year Beth invited our past guests to look back at what they did over the year that helped them grow. They have some great insights and suggestions for you that I think you’ll really enjoy.

In this session, learn what fifteen of our consultant and nonprofit guests did differently — and really worked.

Listen in and get inspired to set your own intentions for what’s next.

Highlights from the session:
  • Consultant Gail Bower paused to reflect on value, brand and messaging
  • Sarah Hemminger and Allison Buchalter, from Thread created an arc of community events that build thousands of new interactions, connections and press.
  • Rachel Hutchisson from Blackbaud kept things simple, true and completely core to what she believed on her path to her delivering her first TedX talk.
  • Steven Screen from the Better Fundraising Company encouraged clients to narrow their fundraising focus to one compelling part of their mission.
  • Consultant Meredith Low found a cool new tool to capture the ideas that come to her in a flash.
  • Carol Meerschaert, formerly of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, followed the COPE strategy—create once, publish everywhere.
  • Vanessa Chase Lockshin from the Storytelling Nonprofit put contingency plans in place so she wouldn’t be stressed out when things go awry.
  • Adrian Segar from Conferences that Work invented a new process for participation at conferences that had attendees engaged in conversation long after the session ended.
  • Candi Summers from Bestwa put her effort into getting as much face time as possible with donors
  • For Greg Koch of the Zoo Miami Foundation, taking one step backwards led to taking several steps forwards.
  • Claire Axelrod from Clairification encouraged her clients to pick up the phone and than donors right away.
  • Sandy Rees from Get Fully Funded saw a terrific response from donors when they made their newsletter more personable and conversational.
  • John Lepp from Agents of Good shared a formula for personalizing direct mail using the Pareto Principle.
  • Elizabeth Weaver Engel wants listeners to start a formal program of regular audience conversations.
  • Jeff Miles looked at what he was doing that was missing the mark with his audience and learned to focus on who they really are to skyrocket donations.
  • Thanks to our guests for giving us all a boost into the new year and thank you for another year of listening.

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