“When you market only to sell, you miss a critical opportunity to support, educate and bond with your community.”

The Secret to Happy Email Subscribers

Session 136

There is a difference between over-communicating and over-asking, especially when it comes to email marketing and communication. That’s just one theme of this week’s episode. Join Beth as she discusses how to plan your communication strategy ahead for next year as 2016 draws to a close. Instead of worrying about sending too many emails, Beth shares the secret to switching the focus to something that will matter: a relationship with your subscribers. She explains how the year is full of peaks and valleys as far as communication. She shares six tips to fill those valleys so that downtime doesn’t become dead time. Hear about:

  • A step-by-step guide to planning a marketing calendar for next year
  • Tips on engaging your audience based on what you do
  • Mapping out the key dates you need to lead up to every season
  • What kind of content to share with your email subscribers during the “valleys”
  • Why you should sometimes be sharing personal content
  • What is conversion marketing?
  • A new monthly master class on marketing
  • And more!

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