“To me, momentum is really catalytic and it just gives us this incredible opportunity to effect change in a good way.”
— Dawn Owens, The Link of Cullman County

The Power of Momentum with Dawn Owens

Session 135

Everyone has to start somewhere. That’s what Dawn Owens learned when she moved down South to Cullman County, Alabama and started a nonprofit, the Link of Cullman County, after seeing a need for it in her new community. Through talking to one person who led her to another person who pointed her to another person, Dawn got the ball rolling for her organization and built the momentum needed to help it grow. Four years later, she joins Driving Participation to talk about how she got that momentum started and kept it sustained. She talks about a grant contest the Link entered and how she used Facebook Live to create interest and engagement around the project — even to those who had never had any interaction with the organization before.

She and Beth discuss:

  • How just one conversation can build the momentum you need to get started
  • The benefits of using Facebook Live
  • How she was able to pinpoint a need in her community and respond to it
  • How the Link was able to spread their message to a younger generation in an accessible way
  • Why it’s important to focus on using social media that will best suit your experience and your organization
  • Why it’s crucial that you’re willing to shift to what your audience’s needs are and not just model what you do based on other organization’s tactics
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