“The challenge is just moving them from looking at new media as something we don't do, quote unquote, to seeing it as a strategic solution to an existing problem.”
— Bill Skowronski, Dominican Friars Central Province

Embracing New Media — Even at 800 Years Old with Bill Skowronski

Session 134

How do you teach an 800-year-old organization to use social media? This week on Driving Participation, Bill Skowronski, director of marketing for the Central Dominican Friars and founder of Constellation, joins in to talk about how he has helped an old organization see the benefits of using new media — especially when some people involved have never used those tools before. For Bill, it comes down to strategy. Using storytelling methods and social media tools that work specifically for the organization, Bill has helped the Dominican Friars gain a larger following on social media and embrace tools they hadn’t used before. He and Beth talk about creating content that appeals to a very specific audience and thinking about the services you offer in terms of what the world needs from your organization.

They discuss:

  • The difference between “earned media” and “owned media”
  • Understanding the strategic value of social media
  • How they created a weekly video series that gets people excited for Mass (!)
  • How to look at your efforts in terms of what your audience needs from you rather than what you want to give to them
  • Why it’s important to focus on the medium that best suits you and your organization in order to communicate most effectively
  • Why Bill advises to prioritize “outcomes over output”
  • How Pope Francis’s Twitter presence affected the Dominican Friars
    • Dominican Friars Central Province website: www.opcentral.org
    • Constellation website: www.sharingthegood.org
    • Follow Bill on Twitter: @BillSkowronski
    • Follow the Dominican Friars on Twitter: @OPDomCentral
    • Follow Constellation on Twitter: @SharingtheGood


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