“We're not just trying to throw things out to the community and see what response we get. What we're trying to really do is dissect where people want to be involved with our organization and then have that bubble up to the top so that they see that in an engaging way.”
 — Jeff Miles, Keystone Opportunity Center

Developing Your Audience Focus with Jeff Miles

Session 133

Jeff Miles has used his background in sales and marketing to find new approaches in fundraising as development and marketing director of the Keystone Opportunity Center. On Driving Participation, he joins Beth to talk about how he has been able to uncover Keystone’s core audience. For instance, by tracking who has given multiple donations of $125, he found that the majority of its givers tend to be women in their 40s to 60s. With that information, he has been able to share stories and statistics and create tailor-made campaigns that appeal directly to them. He shares tips on how you can sharpen your focus on the audience that will care the most. They discuss creating “gateway points” for the community to get involved and more.

They discuss:

  • How past experience in sales — like selling hot tubs — gave Jeff experience and skills he could use in his nonprofit work
  • Why you will benefit tremendously if “your product or your organization connects well with mothers”
  • Why writing your newsletter as though you’re writing to a friend makes a difference
  • How to use specific examples to galvanize your audience to get involved
  • Why targeting a specific group is more effective than a “shotgun” approach where your message can get lost in the shuffle
  • Why local radio stations are a good source to learn more about demographics that could become supporters of your organization
  • How to get people “bubbling over with excitement” about your organization


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