“When you have very little time for each of the parts of your job, you want to spend that time as smartly as you can and Google Analytics, the way I use it and the way I hope others use it, we're focusing just on the most important parts. Just the places we're going to get the best return and that for anyone who is busy is like, the magic key.”
— Yesenia Sotelo, SmartCause Digital

Using Google Analytics to Learn About Your Audience with Yesenia Sotelo

Session 132

The very words used to give Yesenia Sotelo the same feeling as going to the gym: something you should do but you save it for another day because it seems too daunting. Now, she helps people learn how to understand it and, more importantly, how to use it in ways that are most helpful. She joins Beth on Driving Participation to talk about how to use Google Analytics to figure out things such as what pages are most successful, what emails are making a profit and how to judge the success of tools you likely use every day. She explains why using Google Analytics actually gives you more room to experiment and try new things as far as how you reach people — and then how to determine what worked or didn’t work.

She and Beth discuss:

  • How is Google Analytics relevant to nonprofits in this busy world of today’s marketing?
  • The six terms Yesenia teaches everyone about Google Analytics
  • Why is it normal for a nonprofit to have an 80% bounce rate?
  • How has Google changed as far as limiting who sees your search history and how does that affect your analytics?
  • Yesenia’s advice about search engine optimization and what keywords you should really be using
  • How Google Analytics can help you understand the people on your email list

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