“I think there was a lot of really good information on our website, but that's simply what it was. It was designed to provide information as opposed to get people to act.”
 — Donnie Brake, Coram Deo Academy

Preparing for a Website Redesign Pays Off with Donnie Brake

Session 129

Back when Beth and Donnie Brake first met, they talked about the possibility of a website redesign for Brake’s school Coram Deo Academy. Now, the redesign is done and the effects of the transition are starting to show. Brake, director of development at Coram Deo, discusses the change from being a website that purely provided information to a destination for prospective parents and students that makes them want to learn more and engage with the school. Instead of trying to make the website fit everyone’s interests and answer every question, Brake said the goal changed to embrace the school’s core values and trust the right people would find it. An effective website will encourage action — not just provide information.

He and Beth discuss:

  • Why it’s not always necessary or beneficial to be 100% referral-based
  • How to find your core values and trust they will resonate with people
  • How online reviews can really help your organization be found
  • What is re-marketing and how can it help?
  • With a website redesign, what parts should you focus on that will make the most difference?
  • How a redesign helped the school increase its student body and number of interested applicants by 27 percent


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