“In terms of the story that you're telling to your supporters, thank them. Show some gratitude. A little bit of gratitude, a little bit of thanking can go a long way, especially if you just hit them over the head for a month and a half with fundraising appeals. And then after that, it's really about looking ahead to the year that's coming and start planning for year end.”
— Andrew Rothman, Blue State Digital 

Getting Ready for Year-End Giving with Andrew Rothman

Session 128

Have you started thinking about your year-end giving campaign? If not, don’t worry, Andrew Rothman from Blue State Digital joins in to share some tips as far as getting ready for year-end giving. By dividing up the year into four quarters, he breaks down what exactly you should be doing in each quarter to ensure a successful year-end giving campaign that optimizes all of your communications. Whether through email or direct mail, there are ways to connect with your donors (and potential new ones) in ways that truly speak to them. A theme that has popped up in the last few sessions is the idea of connecting with your ideal audience, and Andrew shares who that audience is and how you can communicate directly to them in ways they will care about and pay attention to.

He and Beth discuss:

      • Three steps to hooking people’s attention on social media
      • How to organize your year by quarters so your year-end giving plan is more efficient
      • What is a “proxy audience” and how can you create one?
      • Why you should send more emails
      • Where video can be beneficial in your communication to donors
      • Why it’s better to send thank people in the medium through which they donated
      • Making sure your email list and database are clean and how to go about that



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