“For me, it’s always about listening and it’s asking questions about what’s important.”
 — Laura Marx, United Way of North Carolina

Where to Focus When You Are in Transition with Laura Marx

Session 125

Transitions in any part of life can be hard — especially when you’re undergoing transitions in a national organization with local chapters. Laura Marx, president and CEO of United Way of North Carolina, joins in this week to talk about the changes United Way has been making and how its regional chapters around the country are affected. One challenge Marx has tackled since she started is working with her staff to identify the audience they’re trying to reach. Through pledge forms, listening tours and storytelling, she and her team have been able to find new ways to connect with their audience. With that in mind, as United Way is changing its brand and its messaging, she talks about how her chapter has been adjusting to that and seeing how people respond.

She and Beth discuss:

  • How a “listening tour” helped United Way get to know its constituents
  • Why it’s important to note how different people respond to your message
  • How millennials play a role in the work United Way does
  • The benefits of storytelling
  • The work United Way has done with its 2-1-1 system
  • The best piece of advice Laura has to offer for those looking for their core audience
  • How Laura was able to get a funder for a big project


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