“Thinking as a copywriter and a content creator, when you decide you're going to come up with a theme, the process of developing your theme makes annual report writing easier because it makes it into a fun, creative exercise.”
— Marlene Oliveira

Introducing a Theme for Your Annual Report with Marlene Oliveira

Annual reports can seem like a boring or dull task — but Marlene Oliveira says, don’t let it be! With a background in copywriting and communications consulting, Marlene has done her fair share of reports, and she shares a few tips and tricks to help you make annual reports meaningful and creative. One practice she recommends is incorporating a theme into your report and she shares examples of what to do (and not to do) to make a theme effective. She and Beth discuss the role of a “persona,” and how it can serve as a reminder that there is a real person you’re trying to reach.

They discuss:

  • Why do people do annual reports? How has the annual report’s purpose changed over the years?
  • How can you make your annual report the most effective tool you possibly can?
  • What themes for annual reports Marlene recommends you stay away from
  • Who to talk to before starting an annual report
  • As an annual report isn’t usually a revenue generator, what are its benefits?
  • How creating a persona can help you better communicate with your clients
  • Ways to use your annual report’s theme throughout the whole year

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