“If more of the grant money is spent on how to tell those stories instead of spending a ton of money on the technology itself, then that would be money well spent.”
— Andrew Stitt, formerly of PMIEF (Project Management Institute Educational Foundation)

50 Things You’d Do with a Marketing Grant

Session 119

Today is Beth’s 50th birthday (yay!) and to celebrate, she decided to make a special episode involving the whole community. She wanted to know: “If you got a grant for marketing, what would you do first, and how would it make a difference in your capacity to do your work?” So she set out to get 50 responses from all different nonprofits and organizations to find out the answer. As the answers poured in, a theme emerged: a clear understanding among nonprofit marketers that you need both a strategy and execution.

She explores how a grant would help in areas like:

  • Branding
  • Research and strategy
  • Increasing awareness about your nonprofit
  • Marketing collateral
  • Storytelling and audience reach
  • Video/visual stories
  • Website building
  • Social content
  • And more!

Follow some of the guests featured on this episode on Twitter:

  • Courtney Savoia: @NAFCareerAcads
  • Jessie Marushak: @PTHPA
  • Kelly Schempp: @MannCenter
  • Lynn Fitch: @growinggardensportland
  • Greg Koch: @zoomiami
  • Lisa Davis Budzinski: @centralpain
  • Susannah Coleman: @chestnuthill
  • Kevin McKinney: @fellowshiphse
  • Stephanie Cory Gorris: @JLWilmington
  • Laura Franz: @TLS_Veterans
  • Elisabeth Muehlemann: @LIVolunteer
  • Lynne Venart: @lemurnetwork
  • Mark Mattern: @YorkHabitat
  • Keith Chamberlain: @RevvCrew
  • Yolanda Morris: @pawsitiveallian
  • Amanda Navar: @foothillsbgc
  • Bill Moore: @zoomiami
  • Jamie McDonald: @genero_city
  • Carol Meerschaert: @carolmeersch
  • Steve Varnum: @NHCommLoanFund; @sfxvarnum
  • Monica Tanouye: @CCFofSC
  • Veronica Hix: @ONABEN
  • David Rhode: @pitchinbaseball; @davidrhode
  • Marvin Berman: @quietmindfdn
  • Laura Jones: @bbbsbc
  • Michelle Brinson: @nashvillerescue
  • Nancy Gates: @AACA_Museum
  • Celeste Miller: @byceleste1
  • Jane Van Ingen: @holyapostlesnyc
  • Nation Hahn: @jamiekirkhahn
  • Tobi Johnson: @volpronet
  • Lori L. Jacobwith: @LJacobwith
  • Penny Leisch: @catnipcasacats
  • Michael Norris: @philaculture
  • Elizabeth Weaver Engel: @ewengel
  • Claire Axelrad: @charityclairity
  • Anna Caraveli: @AnnaCaraveli
  • Jeremy Koch: @empowernonprof
  • Joe Waters: @joewaters
  • Debra Askanase: @askdebra

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