"Multi-tasking is a myth. You cannot tweet, Facebook, post on LinkedIn while you're watching TV at the same time. You can do it, but you're not actually being present. You're not being mindful. You're not paying attention. You make a lot of mistakes."
-  Janet Fouts, CEO of Tatu Digital Marketing

Mindful Social Marketing with Janet Fouts

Session 118

You probably use some form of social media, whether for personal use or for your organization. Janet Fouts joins the show to explore how mindfulness when it’s applied to social media is different than just “doing” social media. Janet, CEO of Tatu Digital Marketing, talks about how just scheduling automated posts without followup engagement can sometimes be detrimental to really letting your followers get to know you as not just a brand but a person. They want to know they’re dealing with a real human being. Janet reminds listeners there are ways to take a mindful approach to social media while still being efficient and practical.

She and Beth discuss:

  • Why she’s “done with coding”
  • The difference between mini-tasking and multi-tasking
  • How to shift your social media marketing from autopilot into a more mindful approach
  • How taking a moment on social media to say “thank you” can make a big difference
  • Personalizing your voice on social media can make people get to know you better
  • Why Janet believes “specialization is the way to go”
  • How livestreaming can be helpful but only if it’s done right


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