"Participation is so valuable because without it we wouldn't have a foundation to make an ask. If we're not reaching out, building engagement, making partnerships, educating people, and staying connected with them through our communications, then we can't ask for money."
- Mary Elizabeth Entwistle

The Trick to a Successful Annual Appeal: Start Now. with Mary Elizabeth Entwistle

Session 117

Annual Appeal season may seem far away but it will be here before you are ready. What do the most successful campaigns have in common? Planning. It may seem early but planning now will increase the impact of your efforts. Mary Elizabeth Entwistle of The Gift Development Group joins Beth to talk about what you can do when you plan ahead. They discuss creating an integrated campaign and how to use direct mail, email and social together. Each of these plays a different role and Mary Elizabeth shares how to incorporate your theme and pace your communications to have the most impact.

Beth and Mary Elizabeth discuss:

  • Connecting your mission to your audience
  • Personalizing marketing based on real-time customer activity
  • The importance of year-round communication
  • Using social media to extend your fundraising communications

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