"We knew in our hearts who we were, and how we needed to speak about ourselves. But at the same time, we also knew that we had to listen to how other people saw us."
 - Jennifer GoodSmith

Becoming a Brand Champion with Jennifer GoodSmith

Session 115

Few people would question the powerful impact of a strong, engaging brand within an organization. But how exactly do you implement an internal communication strategy that aligns your supporters and employees in support of your brand’s promise? This week, Jennifer GoodSmith, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at The Morton Arboretum, joined Driving Participation to talk branding. Jennifer discusses building your brand from the inside out- focusing on internal as well as external branding.

Beth and Jennifer discuss:

  • Identifying the brand promise
  • Merging external and internal research to build a brand
  • Determining strengths and weaknesses to support brand promise
  • Narrowing your messaging and focus


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