"Crafting compelling messages that translate to your audience is easily one of the most overlooked—and under appreciated—methods of ensuring you reach your nonprofit marketing goals."
- Greg Koch

Adapting Your Message to Your Audience with Greg Koch

Session 112

How can organizations and nonprofits align their information to meet the needs of donors, volunteers and supporters? Understanding your audience is a fundamental key to success, whether you’re seeking to attract, inspire, engage or motivate supporters to take an action. Successful messages anticipate and meet the audience’s needs. This week, Greg Koch, Director of Education and Volunteer Services at Zoo Miami joined Beth, to discuss tailoring your organization’s messages for success.

Greg and Beth discuss:

  • The importance of adapting your message to your audience
  • How to adapt and form content that meets audience needs
  • Creating and sharing relevant content that educates participants
  • How to immerse your organization in a big idea

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