"Design thinking forces you to think with a different end in mind that empathizes with your members."
 -Garth Jordan. Co-Founder of RevvCrew

Design Thinking: A Strategy for Innovation and Engagement with Garth Jordan and Keith Chamberlain

Session 108

Thinking like a designer can transform the way organizations develop and approach products, services, and strategy. If you want to make your organization more innovative, creative and member-focused, it starts with a set of principles known as design thinking. Design thinking offers a structured framework that helps associations evaluate ideas and move projects forward. This week, Garth Jordan and Keith Chamberlain, Co-founders of RevvCrew, joined Driving Participation. Keith and Garth discuss how to improve internal organization and team culture through design thinking.

They discuss:

  • Fostering a culture that enhances creativity and innovation
  • How to connect with members to discover opportunities for innovation
  • Generating, developing, and testing ideas
  • Contact: Keith@RevvCrew.com | Garth@RevvCrew.com
  • Revv Crew

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