"Partnerships are the key in our success. It's a fundamental part of our strategic plan to identify, cultivate and then retain partners."
- David Rhode. Founder and Executive Director, Pitch In For Baseball.

Managing a Nonprofit: Keys to Success with David Rhode

Session 105

To have a high-functioning organization, it is critical that all members, donors, volunteers, partners, and staff understand what value they provide a community and what change they exist to create. This week, David Rhode, Founder and the Executive Director of Pitch In For Baseball, joined Driving Participation to explore how to build a foundation for long-term success. Pitch In For Baseball is an organization that works to provide baseball equipment to children around the world. As an executive director, it is critically important for David to mobilize and engage with volunteers, nonprofits, business and government agencies. Building awareness and support is essential to creating a culture of philanthropy at Pitch in for Baseball.

David and Beth discuss:

  • Growing your network to raise awareness
  • Saying “NO” to good ideas
  • Building partnerships that benefit your organization
  • How to inspire and engage members

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