“I think congruence and consistency is what makes great relationships work.”
- Sarah Hemminger, CEO and co-founder of Thread

Creating a Community Built on Relationships with Sarah Hemminger

Session 103

Nonprofits, government agencies, schools and associations all seek to create a feeling of community that inspires action. If your organization can successfully build long-term relationships with volunteers, you have a higher chance of retaining members and keeping them involved. This week, Sarah Hemminger, joined Driving Participation to discuss volunteer engagement. Sara is CEO and co-founder of Thread, an organization committed to improving  the academic advancement and personal growth of underperforming high school students. In the process, Thread weaves a social fabric, creating a community of students, university and community-based volunteers, and collaborators.

Beth and Sarah discuss:

  • maximizing donor retention by building trust
  • targeted communication for engagement building
  • volunteer management opportunities

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