"It's about building a mutually beneficial relationship. You are meeting your mission, and they are meeting their needs. It's a partnership."
- Tobi Johnson

Onboarding Volunteers is a Journey Not a Destination with Tobi Johnson

Session 102

To engage volunteers, it is necessary to understand their motivations. What are the underlying factors that drive individuals to dedicate their time, experience and skills? Understanding why people volunteer makes it easier to find supporters, organize their work, and recognize their contributions. This week, Tobi Johnson, Chief Engagement Officer at VolunteerPro, joined Driving Participation to explore what pushes individuals to get involved. Beth and Tobi discuss the volunteer journey, and what organizations can do inspire volunteers to continue serving.

Beth and Tobi discuss:

  • Engaging volunteers through relationship building
  • Email drip marketing
  • The six factors that motivate volunteers

Volunteer Management Progress Report

Contact Tobi:

  • Email: Tobi@VolPro.net
  • Twitter: @TobiJohnsonTJA | @VolProNet
  • LinkedIn

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