"You’re getting people emotionally involved. You’re getting them excited. You’re having them interact and learn your story and really experience it in a multimedia way."
 - Elin Barton, CEO of White Knight Productions

The Storytelling Opportunity in Online Publications with Elin Barton

Session 89

Organizations are increasingly making the move to digital– transforming printed publications and annual reports into interactive online content that drives action. Video is well on its way to become the star of content marketing, with its shareability and mobile components. This week, Elin Barton, CEO of White Knight Productions joined Beth to discuss repurposing marketing materials to drive engagement and participation.

Denise and Beth discuss:

  • The power of using print in your content marketing mix
  • Building a strategy around video marketing distribution
  • E-publications and accessibility
  • The do’s and dont’s of video content marketing

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