"It’s linking multiple communities together through affiliation technology, giving them an environment to communicate locally and globally." 
-Denise Hayman

How People are Collaborating on Big Ideas with Denise Hayman-Loa

Session 88

What does it mean to collaborate, and what role does collaboration play in nonprofit management? This week, Denise Hayman, CEO of Carii joined Beth to discuss audience-focused creation within a network. Denise shared her journey of developing Carii, and how to create a platform that invites participation through engagement. Through collective collaboration, organizations can make connections, share interests and knowledge, and allow members to feel as though they’re part of something bigger.

Denise and Beth discuss:

  • Where to identify opportunities for partnerships
  • How to “democratize” your organization
  • Creating a network designed by members
  • Best practices for building relationships over time
  • Em  Visit Carii or connect with Denise via email: Denise.Hayman-Loa@Carii.com

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