“Every time you post something online, ask yourself – 'What gift am I giving to people? What do I want them to do, and what's in it for them?'"
 - Claire Axelrad, Clairification

Mastering Online Social Fundraising with Claire Axelrad

Session 87

Content marketing is a powerful way to spread your nonprofit’s message. By taking on a strategic approach to creating and distributing content, you can attract, educate and inspire your participants all while increasing fundraising. This week, Claire Axelrad, of Clairification joined the Driving Participation podcast to unveil how to utilize content marketing to master online social fundraising.

Beth and Claire discuss:

  • How to target key influencers on social media
  • Delegating media sharing throughout your organization
  • Creating and maintaining a marketing editorial calendar
  • Developing a culture of philanthropy

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