“A rising tide lifts all boats. The more people participate, the more they volunteer. If you can increase participation or engagement even 1%, that’s a contribution.”
– Rob Wenger, CEO of Higher Logic

Turning Volunteering into a Member Benefit with Rob Wenger

Session 86

It’s no secret that volunteers are an essential part of all associations and nonprofits. They add value to your organization, bringing forth their ideas, energy and expertise. But what exactly does it take to keep volunteers? This week, Rob Wenger, CEO of Higher Logic, joined the Driving Participation Podcast to explain the process of transforming volunteering into a rewarding member benefit. Rob analyzed volunteer best practices to find that recognition and access are the best ways to retain members for life.

Rob and Beth discuss:

  • Volunteer recognition planning and best practices
  • The 90-9-1 rule and increasing engagement in your community
  • Journey mapping your member base
  • Identifying opportunities that help your members take the next step
  • Building a persona within your membership base

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