“Action beats perfection. Action beats intention. Action beats all the others who thought they should but didn’t. And action applied consistently delivers results.”
 - Beth Brodovsky

Top 10 Nonprofit Marketing Tools for 2016

Session 85

With 2015 coming to a close, it’s time to get your New Year Resolutions planned out. No, we’re not telling you to hit the gym – this week Driving Participation gives you what people in the nonprofit community are aiming to do better in the coming year. Ever organization has different specific need, but can use the same strategies and focus on the same areas to fill them. When listeners and former guests were asked about their nonprofit marketing resolutions, many had similar things to say. First, you need to be clear about what your organization does, both for your supporters’ sakes and to assist your own strategic planning. Others mentioned how they want to improve on delivering their organizations’ key messages while still trying to be more creative. Beth’s biggest tip for listeners is that no matter what your plans are, make sure you act on them – sometimes a decision that turns out to be bad is actually better than not making a decision at all.

Beth Discusses:

  • The advantages to sharing more about your organization’s impact
  • Lessons learned from a entrepreneurship class
  • Delivering key messages to your publicas in an effective way
  • Balancing experimentation with consistency
  • Taking feedback and using it to improve communications
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