“Creating engaging content isn’t as hard as you think. It’s just being an everyday person. Say it’s Small Business Saturday – Are you out shopping? It’s like a conversation with a friend. Think of it that way, think of what would you like to be asked, what would get you more engaged? Think how you want to be spoken to, and speak to your audience in that way.”
- Amie Simpson, Assistant Director, Temple University

Evolving #GivingTuesday with Amie Simpson

Session 83

This week, Amie Simpson, assistant director at Temple University, joins to talk about how Temple created a Giving Tuesday campaign focused on driving engagement. Her team took the national campaign and fit it around Temple’s needs, turning Giving Tuesday into Giving “TUesday.” It all begins with starting a conversation with supporters, not just bombarding them with messages telling them to give. Amie focused on creating a sense of togetherness among Temple alumni by sparking an everyday conversation using simple, image-based content on Facebook and LinkedIn. This not only fosters a sense of community, but encourages other people to join the community. Finally, when it comes time to ask supporters for something, Amie recommends being very specific about what that something is so people can know exactly how they’ve made an impact. By building a network of supporters who feel at home with your organization, you can build anticipation for important ask days like Giving Tuesday and help supporters help you.

Amy and Beth discuss:

  • What prompts an organization, big or small, to start Giving Tuesday Campaigns
  • How to analyze the types of interactions you get on different social media sites
  • How much is too much when it comes to asking people to give
  • Delegating media sharing to other people in your organization
  • The importance of stewardship pieces with any campaign

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