“I think it’s important to grab them as soon as they’re hired and say ‘this branding is a very important part of our organization. Our brand is the front line staff offering the endless possibilities to everyone who walks in, and all of these materials are to help aid that.’”
 - Tina Lauver, Marketing/PR Manager, Dauphin County Library Systems

After the Launch: Managing a New Brand with Christina Lauver

Session 81

Tina Lauver has been through a five-year re-brand at the Dauphin County Library Systems. As Marketing and PR Manager, she oversaw a team that put together and implemented a new plan for the county’s eight libraries. Through her team’s research, she found that library users loved the library and were excited about it, but many other people didn’t know the great services the libraries provide. Tina’s team found ways to reach new audiences and continue to serve their current ones. Everything centered around a rebranding effort, and Tina went all-in on it. By having clear guidelines and strategies for using the new logo and new plans, she had all the employees in the library system excited while still giving them creativity to work within the guidelines. After the five-year journey, the Dauphin County libraries now have a common thread the connects the separate libraries.

Beth and Tina discuss:

  • How to bring together different branches under the same goals
  • Balancing brand guidelines and employee creativity
  • How taking on a branding effort can be like “taking home a baby”
  • Using your logo in a variety of ways
  • Making your brand about what your employees find most important

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