“There are lots of social conversations happening, whether it’s poverty, homelessness, or education, and sometimes it takes a little digging and looking to find these news stories, but you can take them and think ‘hey did you hear this interesting thing? Let us know and let’s talk about what we can do with that.’”
– Vanessa Chase Lockshim

Fundraising on the News Cycle with Vanessa Chase Lockshin

Session 80

Nonprofit organizations should always be focused on their mission, but it always helps to be aware of what is happening in the community, especially if it gives the opportunity to reach your audience in a different way. Vanessa Chase Lockshim joins Driving Participation to explain how you can use the news cycle to bring a fresh perspective on fundraising. Using current events in your community or significant events in the news as a springboard to launch your programs or services into the public eye can be an easy and creative way to get more attention. You don’t have to be an advocacy group to get involved – rather than ask for specific actions from supporters, you can simply ask for a donation so your organization can do the boots on the ground work. “News” is also a broad word, as holidays, elections, cultural events, and other similar events are just as good for getting your organization involved in the community.

Vanessa and Beth discuss:

  • The evolution of storytelling in fundraising
  • Why having your organization liked by everyone may not be the best
  • Ways to keep up on local and national news pertaining to your nonprofit
  • Strategies for incorporating news into your everyday routine
  • Keeping a clear line between advocacy and fundraising

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