“If you start from scratch, it is just practice. Get used to the tool. Get used to taking the photos. Think of your next campaign, and try to make an image for it…share it with your coworkers, is it something they want to would want to share? Just test things, play around.”
- Howard Lake, UK Fundraising

Graphic Traffic: How to Create and Use Fundraising Images on Social Media with Howard Lake

Session 78

A good organization should always be looking stand out in the social media crowd. That’s why Howard Lake, publisher of Fundraising UK, joins Driving Participation to talk about the types of images that are attracting the most attention. He explains that plain text posts can be lost fairly easily, so adding neat artistic elements to your posts can generate better engagement. Whether it is a picture from a supporter at an event, a staged shot, or even just text set to a colorful background, images help tell your story in more creative ways. There a plenty of free and paid tools that are easy for use for any skill level. Once you find the tools and strategies that work for you, Howard explains that it simply takes practice and experimentation to create the best content. An organization’s best assets are its mission and the stories they provide – highlight them by infusing them with visual expertise and sharing them with your publics.

Howard and beth discuss:

  • Useful tools to track engagement online
  • The best elements to include in social media images
  • Ways to involve everyone in your organization in images
  • Online tools for both desktop and mobile image creation
  • How creating a “postcard” can be an excellent and easy social media strategy

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