“Marketing enables your audience to identify something in themselves that they’ve never known before. Ultimately, it helps people realize what they really want to do…For-profits somehow give marketing a bad rap, but it’s ultimately just a tool for presenting yourself to the world.”
 – Caryn Stein, VP of Communications and Content, Network for Good

Creating a Communication System That Works with Caryn Stein

Session 75

The word “marketing” can sometimes scare nonprofit organizers, but the reality is that every organization needs a strong marketing communications system to get its messages out. This week, Caryn Stein of Network for Good joins to talk about how to make marketing fit in your organization. She recommends striking a balance between consistent content but also leaving room to take risks and try new things. She explains that marketing isn’t tricking people into liking your organization, it’s about getting people to understand who you are. She suggests beginning with a core message and adapting it over time, all the while checking metrics to make sure what you’re doing is effective. Finally, it takes having everyone inside your organization be clear on what their role is in communications, while also not being afraid to use the free tools and organizations that are available to you.

Caryn and Beth discuss:

  • The different ways nonprofits can define “marketing”
  • How frequency is a huge part of message consistency
  • Dealing with “FOMO” when it comes to new communication channels
  • The advantages nonprofits have over other organizations in marketing
  • Creating a communications plan with built-in risk
  • Using test segments to try new things

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