“Eventually, since our print publication had shrunk, we decided that it was time to take the blog and really turn it into a legitimate website so that people who didn’t get the publication and just stumbled on Symmetry online would find something that was just as beautiful as the print publication.”
 - Kathryn Jepsen, Editor in Chief, Symmetry Magazine

Making the Move to an Online Publication with Kathryn Jepsen

Session 74

Many organizations have print publications to get information out to their members and supporters. But print publications can be costly, and sometimes there’s a limit to just how much you can do with print. This week, Kathryn Jepsen of SLAC  National Accelerator Laboratory, Symmetry Magazine come on to talk about why and how Symmetry moved online. As print costs rose, Symmetry cut its number of publications per year, which they found made it hard to provide fresh, relevant content. What started as a blog used to update followers on breaking news blossomed into a full website with interactive exhibits and journalistic articles. With a new outlet and new ways for people to get involved, Kathryn found it easier to connect a seemingly difficult concept like particle physics to more content from everyday sources like Time Magazine. Going online helped Symmetry magazine connect to new audiences and find new ways to engage their current audience.

Kathryn and Beth discuss:

  • How to make press release-type articles more interesting and credible
  • Ways to welcome in outside audiences to a difficult subject
  • Different ways to use online platforms to complement a print publication
  • Taking content from mainstream media and connecting it back to you
  • How to experiment with different types of content to pique someone’s interest

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