“Once you get someone’s email, you control how many times you get in front of them. It’s a very powerful opportunity. Anything you can to do promote the value of your website is time and energy well invested.”
 - Beth Brodovsky

Newsletter Review with Pamela Grow

Session 73

A change of pace this week on Driving Participation – Beth gives you an inside look at a newsletter webinar filmed with former guest Pamela Grow. Beth and Pamela discuss what is and isn’t working in print and electronic newsletters, sharing the most important design, layout, and content tips. They go through several organizations’ newsletters, pointing out what each does well and ways they can improve. Download the PDF in the Resource section to follow along during the podcast!

Beth and Pamela discuss:

  • How simple tweaks to wording can help readers feel more appreciated
  • Why using a black-and-white newsletter may actually help you stand out more
  • Continuing consistent branding across all sections of your newsletter
  • Deciding between long and short copy
  • Using responsive designs for all your electronic needs
  • How to examine other organization’s newsletters to improve your own


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