“I am going to do my damnedest to provide relevant content to them on a regular basis. This means I know their demographic data. I know their psychographic data. I probably have enough to know how they will vote in the next election.”
 - KiKi L’Italien, CEO, Amplified Growth

Understand your Existing Audience Frontward and Backward with KiKi L’Italien

Session 72

When you’re an association, you’ve got thousands of members to keep happy. With each of those members comes a wealth of information, and the opportunity to gain even more. This week, KiKi L’Italien, CEO of social media consulting company Amplified Growth, joins to talk about how to find and use information from your members. Internally, using demographic and psychographic information can help you determine what kind of content your members want. Externally, using information about your current members can tell you where to look for other people who would make great new members. But whenever you use information, KiKi reminds you to constantly reevaluate the information you have and who you are trying to reach. Using up-to-date information to control organizational decision making will help keep your current members happy and keep new ones coming in.

KiKi and Beth discuss:

  • How visualizing your ideal member can help drive decision making
  • Strategies to have current members recommend you to others
  • Ways to reevaluate the value you provide to members and nonmembers
  • Using demographic information to target new members
  • Why an unhappy member may not be worth your time

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