“I think you could survey people every single day or once every ten years, but if they see that what they tell you has no impact, they don’t care anymore. It’s not about the frequency as much as it is about the action you’re going to take.”
- Amy Sample Ward, CEO, NTEN

Become the Place Your Community Wants to Be with Amy Sample Ward

Session 69

The goal for any organization is to provide the most value possible to its members. But how do you know what information and resources are most valuable to your publics? Amy Sample Ward, CEO of the nonprofit technology network NTEN, explains that using feedback from members is the best way to not only give members what they want, but also show them that they, as members, have the power to shape the organization. One simple yet powerful way NTEN gets feedback is through surveys. Most organizations send out surveys, but not many find ways to use the information and communicate subsequent changes to the respondents. Amy has found that by shaping their conferences and programs around feedback from members, along with explaining that changes were based on what people like them wanted, members are getting the most value out of NTEN resources and are willing to renew memberships – often along with an additional donation because they find them so valuable.

Beth and Amy discuss:

  • How organizations are about much more than collecting membership revenue
  • Creating a supportive community within an organization
  • How focusing on metrics as goals can be misleading
  • Finding which members will give you the most helpful feedback
  • How wanting to share opinions is part of human nature
  • Common mistakes conference organizers make during planning

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