“We’re one of, if not the most well-known museum in the world, but we’re just like a normal museum. Everybody struggles to find money. Everybody has priorities. That’s why I think organizing events is a great way to bring the outside world inside; not only to bring in the money with it, but to give that one special experience to you and your guests.”
- Katia Blanchard Lapeyre, Louvre Museum, Paris 

A Look Inside the Louvre with Katia Blanchard Lapeyre

Session 68

This week on Driving Participation, a special treat: Beth records from inside the Louvre with one of the museum’s event organizers, Katia Lapeyre! The Louvre is one of the most famous museums in the world and one of the most recognizable in France, so who wouldn’t want to have a private event inside? As Beth learned, it isn’t easy – it takes lots of planning, and there are rules for what kind of events are allowed. But the Louvre always stays true to its mission: no matter the event, the centerpiece is always an informative tour of the museum’s art. Always keeping the art in the forefront helps the museum stay true to its supporters. Although the Louvre is a huge organization, it is still dependent on their donors, so Katia finds ways to connect donors to an exclusive experience that would only come with donating, such as early access to new exhibits. Katia explains that the goal of having events at the Louvre is to give companies and donors the chance to provide a special experience that shows off just how great the museum is, and recommends that any organization use events to show off what you do best.

Katia and Beth discuss:

  • How hundreds of things are going on even when the Louvre is closed
  • The code of ethics that guides what events can be held and how they are held
  • Avoiding making the museum just another space for events
  • The opportunities and privileges donors are given
  • Current campaigns at the museum
  • Finding the “experience” central to your organization to show off at events

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