“Tell them ahead of time, ‘use this hashtag at this year’s events.’ Maybe send them some swag or recognize them someway ahead of time to get them excited. It’s a good way of getting additional participation, kind of guaranteeing that something happens, without having the full brunt fall on your staff.”
 – Rachel Coker, Director of Research Advancement, Binghamton University

Add Live Tweeting to Extend the Reach of Your Events with Rachel Coker

Session 62

Even though it’s called “live” tweeting, a lot of preparation goes into successfully sharing information from an event through social media. Rachel Coker, who writes research communication for Binghamton University, joins to talk about how to build a successful live tweeting event from both the organizer’s and the tweeter’s points of view. For organizers, it is important to plan communication both ahead of time and during an event so everyone involved knows how to join in the discussion. From the tweeter’s side, Rachel points out that “adding content to content” is most important, as your “followers” are trusting you to bring them the most important information in a useful way. Sometimes, making digital events strictly for live tweeting, such as a Q&A with a public future, can work just as well as an entire physical event or conference.

Rachel and Beth discuss:

  • How to monitor your following during a live tweeting event
  • How to use events as a networking tool through live tweeting
  • The pros and cons associated with pre-scheduled social media content
  • Prepping organizers to share content effectively
  • How spelling counts when it comes to giving credit on Twitter

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